Our expertise

Whether they are shot in live-action or made with CGI in real-time 3D, Novelab crafts immersive experiences for VR and AR.

The expertise of the studio was recognized by several international awards, including the Golden Lion at Venice’s Mostra in 2018 for SPHERES.

Our clients include Google, Oculus, Sony, RYOT, Atlas V.

We create Interactive Installations for art exhibitions, communication events and showrooms.

We use screen displays & motion-capture, real robots and touch surfaces to capture the attention of the audience and bring them into your world.

Let people play with your product and your brand!

Novelab works on transmedia projects include :

– iOS & Android mobile Apps

– Educational or gamers video games for consoles & mobile devices

– html 5, responsive design and webGL for websites

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are now mature enough to knock the door of the industry.

Virtual Reality allows now for a realistic immersion into day-to-day technicians activities inside industrial facilities. VR becomes an unmatched tool for Training.

Within a few years, technicians on the field will be equipped with Augmented Reality tools such as AR Helmets.
In 2016, products such as Microsoft Hololens will be ready to switch from R&D to tangible industrial applications.

Let us guide you through this!

Marketing & Commucation

Interactive Installations for art exhibitions, communication events and showrooms, virtual visits or simulations in VR/AR: our team crafts a series of marketing tools which can help you reach your target, today and in the future.

Beyond the creation of your projects, our UX designers are available to advise your teams by providing information about the current trends of the digital era. Our staff includes 40 highly qualified experts, PhDs, engineers and designers who are eager to answer your questions.

Training & Manufacturing

Over the last few years, Novelab has achieved a significant number of successes in health, aircraft, automotive, rail, a.o.
Our in-depth knowledge of these industries allows us to contribute to the digital transformation of companies by providing innovative solutions for the improvement of design processes, industrial performance and training of employees, through the development of new digital technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality.
We help your employees become familiar with these tools, which allow a realistic immersion into day-to-day technicians activities inside industrial facilities.

Cultural Institution

Playful experiences for touch screen, electro-mechanical games, 360° videos or location-based VR/AR experiences: standing as one of the major French agencies for cultural and institutional mediation, Novelab has developed for the past 10 years a recognized expertise in the design of immersive and/or interactive contents and innovative educational displays rooted in cultural and museum outreach programs, as well as scientific projects.
Finding the right balance between story, creativity and technology is a key target for all our projects. Our ambition is to associate in the public’s mind discovery and pleasure, playing and knowledge

Narrative XR experiences & games

We are story freaks, technology lovers and platform agnostics.
From VR/AR experiences & 360° videos to interactive comics or video games, our teams can craft any kind of narrative and/or playful content for VR/AR headsets, mobile screens or consoles. Whether they are made in real-time 3D, live action, whether they involve volumetric capture, photogrammetry, motion-capture or combine several of these techniques.
Novelab’s expertise has been recognized by several awards in major international festivals, including the Golden Lion at Venice’s Mostra in 2018 for the 3 chapters VR experience SPHERES.

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