Narrative XR experiences & games

We are story freaks, technology lovers and platform agnostics. From VR/AR experiences & 360° videos to interactive comics or video games, our teams can craft any kind of narrative and/or playful content for VR/AR headsets, mobile screens or consoles. Whether they are made in real-time 3D, live action, whether they involve volumetric capture, photogrammetry, motion-capture or combine several of these techniques. Novelab’s expertise has been recognized by several awards in major international festivals, including the Golden Lion at Venice’s Mostra in 2018 for the 3 chapters VR experience SPHERES.

Umami Virtual Reality Experiences, Interactive Installation
Notes On Blindness : Into Darkness VR Virtual Reality Experiences
A Jester’s Tale Augmented Reality Experiences, Interactive Installation
Unrest VR Virtual Reality Experiences
Vandals Transmedia & Games
Isle of the Dead Virtual Reality
SPHERES Virtual Reality Experiences
-22.7°C Virtual Reality Experiences, Transmedia & Games, Interactive Installations
Chauvet VR : The dawn of Art Virtual Reality Experiences
Endodrome Virtual Reality Experiences, Transmedia & Games, Interactive Installations
Replay Memories Virtual Reality Experiences
Mano Solo: Long Live The Revolution! Video games and transmedia

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